Virtual attendance

Q: Can I submit a video of my talk for playing during the case in case of network problems at the time of the congress?

A: Yes, we very much encourage this as an option or as a back-up if you prefer to speak live if the connection is good. You can record your talk within ppt easily: see this tutorial

Q: How do we submit the video to ICA?

A: Video files are often too big to send by email. Please placed it on share webspace such as google drive and then send us the link.


Q: The ICA website lists Registration fees for a full member $900 and student member $590. Are these US$ or NZ$?

A: All listed fees are in NZ$ and includes GST (Goods & Service Tax). See more information about Registration here:

Q: Do you allow virtual attendance of this ICA?

A: Yes, see info here

Q: Do you accept credit card?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card. Please note that a Convenience Fee of 1.9% is applied to credit card and debit card payments.

Q: I am a “Honorary Lifetime Members” of ICA. Question: For me there is no registration fee. Could you please confirm?

A: We provide a full waiver of registration fee for “Honorary Lifetime Members” of ICA.

Q: I am a retired researcher. Do you offer a full waiver of registration fee or any discount for retired persons?

A: No.

Q: I am a post-graduate student. Do you offer a full waiver of registration fee or any discount for students.

A: We provide a discounted rate for students. See We also offer some students full waiver of registration fee if they are the winners of the “Student Grants”:

Q: What is the deadline for registration?

A: 1 December 2022 (time/date in New Zealand time).

Q: I need a formal receipt of the registration for reimbursement. Can you provide me one?

A: Yes, you will be provided with a receipt after registration.

Q: I need a formal invitation letter for applying for funding and visa? Where I can get one.

A: Please contact our support team This letter of invitation can include confirmation of acceptance of abstracts or full papers for presentation in this ICA.

Abstracts & Proceedings

Q: I didn’t find a way for submitting my abstract on the ICA website so I am contacting you. Please advise if there is a more direct way?

A: In the letter of receipt for your registration, it is clearly indicated that submissions of abstracts should be submitted to a special email address which is a dedicated box shared by editors of the proceedings.

Q: Is there a way to submit an abstract for a talk WITHOUT registering (paying) yet? Some of us do not have approval yet, and therefore cannot pay.

A: No, we will consider abstracts or full papers for publication in the proceedings from registered persons only. We will extend the deadline for abstract and full paper submission.

However, if your institution requires the acceptance of abstract prior to approval for travel, please contact me <> directly with your abstracts.

Q: I understand that all ABSTRACTS, even those not submitted with a full article, will also be published in the Proceedings?

A: Yes, all will be published on 1 Dec 2022 and the book will serve as both the proceedings and the “abstract book”. However, if an author wishes to opt out, then he/she should let us know. We can include these ones with the programme brochure (mostly for the list of symposia/sections, title, authors, lecture room and time; not formally published).

Q: If so, is the version submitted be final or there will be chances for editing before final publication?

A: All submitted abstracts and full papers will be peer reviewed before publication. You will have an opportunity for revision if the reviewers/editor request revision. This is one major reason why we have a deadline of 31 August 2022 to allow time for proper peer review, especially of full papers. At the request of some colleagues, the deadline is now 25 October 2022.

Q: Where and when the proceedings will be published?

A: The congress proceedings will be published in the series “Zoosymposia” on 30 November 2022 and will be handed to ICA registered members. See more information about abstract and full paper format and other instructions here:

Q: What is the limit for number of words for the abstract?

A: 600 words. Please fit into one A4 page using margin, font size and line spacing specified here: We also allow synompsis of the talks longer than one page but these are categorised as “Correspondence” (=short communication in some journals).

Q: Can we include a figure with the abstract if it can be fit into the A4 page?

A: Yes, a figure or table is ok if it can fit the one-page limit. All must not be previously published. If it was previously published, please either modified to a new format or request permission from the previous publisher.

Q: Can I submit a previously published abstract for the proceedings?

A: No. The abstracts must NOT be plagiarized from previous published abstract. If you present previously published research in this ICA, please write a new synopsis for your presentation. The published work(s) should be cited as references.

Travel, venue and accommodation

Q: Where will ICA2022 be held?

A: Sir Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland. It is about 30 minutes by taxi from Auckland International Airport. More info here:

Q: Do you have any information about hotels near the congress site?

A: Yes, we negotiated discounted rates for some hotels close the congress site for your selection. See more information here:

Q: I am a student with a low budget. Do you have any low-cost student accommodation? If yes, is this available to non-students?

A: Yes, we arranged special rates for student halls

Yes, this low cost option is available to all ICA delegates.

Q: When the formal programme starts on 1 December 2022?

A: The opening session will start from 9 am on 1 December 2022. We strongly recommend that you arrive a day or two before the congress to allow time for rest and preparation before the congress.

Exhibition and sponsorship

Q: Do offer exhibition space for sponsors?

A: Yes, please see our information here: full Sponsorship Prospectus

Q: We find none of the four levels of sponsorship suitable for our needs. Can you allow a special offer that suits us?

A: Yes, we are flexible. See more information here: